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Car Detailing Etobicoke

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    Keeping your car in peak physical condition isn’t just about regular engine maintenance. Exterior dirt and bird droppings can compromise clear coats and paintwork. Worse, interior dirt and grime can distract car owners when driving.

    Thankfully, at Detailing Pro in Etobicoke, our car cleaning teams can professionally wash, vacuum, and steam clean away, even the most pitted in interior and exterior dirt.

    Professional Car Cleaning Benefits

    Contrary to belief, car cleaning and detailing isn’t the same as regular washing and waxing. This is because detailing lifts and removes dirt from even the hardest to reach interior and exterior car areas.

    By utilizing the services of a cost-effective, yet professional car detailing team, Etobicoke car owners can significantly prolong the aesthetic lifetime of their vehicle. Much more importantly, if you offer professional driving services, car cleaning and detailing can help enhance both your and your customer’s enjoyment as you drive.

    Luxury Car Detailing

    From cleaning of personal luxury vehicles to detailing of business cars and chauffeur driven vehicles, we can immaculately clean any conveyance.

    Using gentle steam cleaning and material appropriate detergents, we refresh interiors to as near to new a state as possible. Meanwhile, we can lift dirt from everywhere from dimmed headlights to wheel trims and vehicle engine bays.

    Detailing Packages To Suit Your Budget

    A regularly cleaned and maintained vehicle in Etobicoke, will rarely require as thorough detailing as a car which has never been given a professional once-over. This is why we allow our customers to choose from a wide variety of different interior and/or exterior cleaning packages.

    Convenient 7-Day Scheduling

    Strapped for time? If so, we can help. We carry out professional car cleaning and detailing 7-days a week. This means that you can book an appointment with us whenever might be convenient for you to do so. Even better, because we come to you, you can go about your business as usual, even as your car is being detailed by us.

    Clean Every Square Inch Of Your Car Today

    At Detailing Pro, we help cars look and feel smarter for longer, regardless of age or pre-existing levels of cleanliness. This being the case, let us help you take more pride in the car you are driving, Simply call or contact us today, and we’ll work to re-equip your car with a showroom-ready shine in next to no time.

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