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What You Need To Know About Car Detailing

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While it is important to carefully maintain the mechanical aspects of your vehicle, not everyone is fully aware of how important the smallest details of car maintenance actually are. If you have been wondering about the best way to keep your car in tip-top conditions, the following article contains all you need to know about car detailing and the best practices to keep in mind.

What does a car detail include?

Car detailing is the process through which you keep both the interior and exterior of your car in the best possible conditions.

Not all car detailing services are exactly the same, but there are some important tasks that are considered standard. For example, it is common practice to pay special attention to the headlights, tail lights, engine and wheels. In the interior of the car, the details of the dashboard, controls, upholstery and headliner are clean and in good condition. Basically, anything at all that was not cleaned in the average car wash can be addressed with a proper car detailing.

Why is Car Detailing Important?


Remember that sensation of sitting in a brand-new car for the very first time? Remember how everything was immaculately clean and smelled absolutely amazing? Well, what happened after 6 months?

With regular use the conditions of your car begin to deteriorate. Eventually, there will be stains, smells and dust accumulating across the surfaces of the car’s interior. The exterior and engine are no different and pretty soon, dust, grease and pollutants of all types will become lodged in the engine, front and rear lights, wheels and pretty much any other nook and cranny as well.

With minimal care and regular car washes, you will preserve the conditions of your car so much. But if you are looking to preserve the optimal conditions of your car indefinitely, car detailing is the thing you need. In addition to maintaining factory level conditions to your vehicle, you will also avoid many complications in the structure, aesthetics and performance of your automobile by applying a regular car detailing service.

How often do you need car detailing?

Most classic car aficionados will recommend a proper car detailing every 6 to 8 months, depending on how often you use your car and in what type of driving conditions. But this is just a basic rule of thumb, if you live in an especially polluted, industrial or seaside location with plenty of salty air, a more regular car detailing may be needed to maintain your car in optimal conditions.

Obviously, those who already take immaculate care of their vehicle and maintain a spotless interior by not allowing drinks, food or smoking in the car will probably not need detailing as often. Waxing and washing the car regularly can also greatly reduce the need for detailing.

Finally, there is a great advantage in having your car detailed before making a sale. A car that has been recently detailed will look and feel like new. This can increase the prices offered for a car sale.

Telltale Signs You Need Professional Car Detailing


Eventually, you will come to recognize the effects of a proper car detailing and this will allow you to detect the need for detailing with a simple inspection. But in case you are not fully familiar with the valuable effects of a proper car detailing, here are a few important indications that your car needs a little extra love and attention.

1. Foul Odors

Have you begun to notice that the “new car” smell has been replaced by the smell of old smoke, ketchup smeared under the seat, and maybe some stale fries? Does the miasma remain no matter how many little trees you are hanging off your rearview mirror?

If your car has begun to smell of a fate worse than death, it was probably time to get it detailed a long time ago. A regular detailing cleans deep in all nooks and crannies, removing odor causing bacteria where it thrives and removing moisture and any other conditions that can support bacterial growth.

2. Dull or Fuzzy Headlights

Are your headlights not quite as brilliant as they once were? Do you worry that you will not be able to see well on the roads at night due to visibility issues? Then detailing is overdue!

In a regular car detailing your headlights and tail lights will be cleaned meticulously till they shine like new. Now you will be able to drive with your low beams and still be able to see the road clearly.

3. Sticky Substances

Very few people actually wash their hands before they place them on the steering wheel. Did you know that the steering wheel of a car can be as much as four times more contaminated than a public toilet seat? This makes you wonder about that sticky sensation you feel around the edge of a steering wheel.

If you have noticed sticky sensations around the steering wheel, gear shift, door handles, seat belt latch plate and buckle, then you are overdue for a proper car detailing. Even if the seats seem pretty clean, these smaller details rarely get as much attention.

4. Stubborn Stains

If you are an especially meticulous soul, you may not have the same types of problems that you found listed above. Nevertheless, car detailing is for your vehicle as well. Stubborn stains can come from a variety of unexpected situations and can defy all but the most professional attempts to dislodge them.

If you have noticed that there are stains across your car’s upholstery, don’t attack these issues yourself. It would be a far better idea to have these details addressed by a professional car cleaning service.

Leave the Car Detailing to the Pros

Car detailing can transform your car into the very best version of itself. The final results will impress your friends, family, potential buyers and even your future in-laws. But never forget that this is an especially meticulous process that is best carried out and perfected by professionals with plenty of experience. If you drive a luxury or exotic car, be sure to look for professionals experienced with these especially costly vehicles with special materials within and without.

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