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How to Start a Car Wash as a kid

As a parent what does your kid do during summer? Do you give extra cash for pocket money if you kid ask for it? There are many ways in which children can earn money for themselves when not in school. Let’s not allow children to relax at home watching TV and playing video games. If as a parent, you are determined to show your children how to value handwork, encourage them to run a kid`s  car wash. For this business to take off, only a few materials, advertising, and enthusiasm are required and your children can buy kids car for this money.

To keep run car wash business, the items you will need to have are hose, soap, buckets and sponges or rags. These things you can buy them with little money borrowed from your parents or collects the items from your homes with permission of your guardian. Then locate an excellent site which ideal for the business.

What a Kinds need to do

friends around. Although it will split the money into many hands, it simplifies the work as each gets to do a less job. So this is fun when it`s done with friends together.

If possible let it be near a busy street to maximize the number of customers visiting. Always consult the owner of the property earlier to seek whether it will be available for your purpose.

Advertise your business by use of print flyers and plaster them on public message boards, trees, and lamp posts. Having a big sign to direct vehicles and putting it on a busy street is the most important.

of the hose and fill as many buckets as possible with soapy water. Then prepare sponges or rags.

research the market price of a car wash within the area of the business is operating in. Also, have a safe place to store money such as a locked box where one person should be in charge.

Kid’s car wash has good and bad side just like any other business. They can affect the kids in either way.


business is flexible. A person can dictate the hours he or she will work and do the car washing during that time. However, if a person commits a time frame, it must adhere to it.

Most school going children are obese or overweight. Obesity and other diseases as diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure get eliminated by being outside doing exercises. Kid carwash business provides for children to earn as they gain fitness. And in future you kid can open own car detailing centre.

Introduces them to work ethic. It helps to ease the difficulty children find In the society when they clear college and start looking for employment. Those who have not worked anywhere find it is very hard.

It is fun for kids that love recreational activities and meeting neighbors. Much better than send your kids to daycare and much cheaper.

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It can be a risky business for kids to deal with automobiles if they are rough. Keen supervision is a must especially when someone’s car is involved. Older children are preferred over the young ones as they are less likely to cause damage to people’s cars.

The key is finding an excellent place. The site is vital in the determination of how much profit you each day from the carwash business. Children should also know their involvement in the clean-up process before commencing washing exercise.

Children get paid less money for cleaning someone’s car as opposed to a grown-up person at a professional car wash. The majority who brings their vehicle to kids’ car wash is not anticipating professional job. It’s from this reason that children receive a low deal regarding payments.

Acquiring operational license and permits. For any person to operate a car wash, he or she needs a license like any other business. It may be hard for children to obtain but their parents should give them required support.

A parent should give support in planning the car wash

  • Researching the cash wash business with
    their kids
  • Investigating the competition that is
    present in the area within a certain radius. It regards customers, prices, and
    services they offer.
  • Providing the investment capital
    required to open and keep the car wash business for the kids running. It is
    because the children don’t have startup capital.
  • Choose the best location for them so
    that they can fetch as many customers as possible.
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