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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an invisible shield that protects your vehicle’s finish from things like bugs, rocks, scratches and stains. Preserve the look of your car by preventing these unwanted blemishes with Paint Protection Film! It will also increase resale value down the line because you can keep it looking newer longer.

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Protect Any Vehicle with Paint Protection Film

We have years of experience in installing Paint Protection Film (PPF) to a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, boats, luxury cars and everything in between. We are one of Canada’s leading installers of PPF, and offer a service comparable with, if not better than anywhere else in Toronto.

PPF has evolved significantly over the past few years and we are continually trying to keep up with the advancements in the market and to give our customers modern and old products and services that they are looking for at a rate that fits every budget.

What is Paint Protection Film?

PPF consists of an ultra-thin polyurethane or polymer that forms a translucent protective surface when correctly applied by a specialist (usually an auto detailing or vinyl assembly expert). This disposable “skin” protects the car’s transparent coat as well as the paint under it from such things as surface cracks, UV exposure, hard water stains, acid rain, oxidation, and various other unwanted issues.

By installing our PPF to your car, it will help reduce the maintenance required to maintain your vehicle looking the way you want it while helping to guarantee its potential worth and negate the need for expensive paint or surface repairs when you come to sell or return your vehicle. Paint Safety Film is intended to significantly minimize the damage sustained to your car’s paintwork from slight abrasions, stone damage and other environmental problems that may otherwise damage the appearance of your vehicle.


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Why Choose Our PPF?

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Benefits of PPF

Scratch and chemical

Scratches build up moisture that can inevitably contribute to rust. Similarly, chemicals created by harsh cleaners and environmental elements contribute to discoloration. PPF protects this damage by serving as a chemical barrier to the exterior of your vehicle.

Keep your car’s
resale value

Used car consumers have put considerable focus on the appearance of the automobile. And if your vehicle is running well, a bad appearance will dramatically lower its resale value. Paint safety is essential to maintain the resale value of your car as it protects the exterior from environmental and surface damage.

Makes cleaning
your car easy

PPF repels dust, so the outside of your car won’t have a dust build-up problem. This makes washing a lot simpler, and often you can only use a soft cloth to clean your vehicle instead of using water at certain times.

Invisible protection
for your car

The great thing about PPF is that it’s absolutely invisible; nobody will notice it. Paint safety will improve the appearance of your car and preserve its shiny shine. As long as you stop tough cleaners, you can vacuum your car as usual.

Keeps your car’s
sparkling shine

PPF includes a lasting protective layer on the paint on your vehicle, helping you keep your car looking clean and fresh for a long time to come. Paint security keeps the paint on your vehicle from scratching and gives it a polished, glossy look at all times.

Protect your car
from environmental damage

Harmful UV rays of sunlight will affect your car’s paint and make it look too old. Paint protection not only protects paint from UV radiation, but also from scratching, rust, nicks, burns, etc.
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