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Pros and Cons of Installing PPF on Cars

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PPF is an abbreviation for paint protection film that is applied to the paint surface of a new car to protect the paint coating from scratches, bug splatters and major or minor abrasions. PPF is one of the best aftermarket products that actually work as advertised. It is made of ultra-thin polyurethane substance. As it is wrapped over the paint finish of a car, it is made transparent. Some brands provide the best quality PPF for cars which can heal instantly when the top layer is scratched. 

Why do you need PPF for a car?

So, will it be a good idea if you opt for PPF? The answer is yes. When you have bought a new car, you should immediately opt for PPF to keep the paint on your new car as it is. PPF or other elastomeric polymer films will keep your car safe from damage, scratch, UV exposure, chemicals and pollution. 

How much does PPF for cars cost?

PPF is a premium aftermarket product and you should only get it done by certified and experienced professionals. So, when you are choosing our PPF for a car, it will cost you around $449 for a clear bra to $4699 to cover the entire car. PPF from Detailing Pro comes with a warranty and you can choose a glossy or matte finish based on the paint your new car has. 

Can you apply paint protection film to the headlights?

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In brief— absolutely. This is actually a smart idea if you have decided to apply high-quality self-healing PPF for cars to the high exposed areas of your car like the front end that includes the fender, side-view mirrors, door edges, front bumper and headlights. This way you will not only be protecting the front end of your car from the regular scratches, rock chips, other road debris but you will also be protecting your car from natural contaminants like bug splatter, bird droppings and so on. 

Why is choosing the right PPF for a car important?

There are numerous PPF brands available in the market but choosing the right PPF for a car is very crucial. Most of the automotive paint protection films that are available in the market are not hydrophobic. Because of that, the items easily stick on the original paint. So, if you are owning an RV or SUV or truck, you might want to choose a PPF for the front side of your car that has a ceramic coating on the top. That way you would not even need to use harsh chemical cleaners so, the longevity of your car paint will be extended. 

Does the PPF layer damage your new car paint? 

No, PPF for cars does not damage new car paint. PPF is a very thin adhesive substance that bonds with the substrate which is absolutely safe to use on your new car. Many customers choose to apply PPF on the clear coating, ceramic coating, and paint sealant due to its protective nature. 

Installation of a clear paint protection film undergoes multiple stages. First, it is fitted, then cut and finally placed and activated by using a liquid spray. By using a squeegee, the installer applies the PPF to the paint surface so that the adhesive can be attached to the substrate. You will find some vinyl materials and some cheap paint protective films that come with inferior quality adhesive. As a result, it becomes very sticky if water penetrates the top coating. But when you are using high-quality PPF for cars, you are absolutely safe! 

Is the paint protection film removable?

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The PPF for cars can be removed easily. However, when you have removed the protective film from your car, you cannot reuse it on the same car or any other car. This is one of the advantages for the people who are leasing their cars as when they get their vehicle back, there would not be any exterior paint damage. 

Pros of applying PPF on a new car 

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If you are planning on investing in PPF for a car, then there are certain advantages that you should take into consideration. Have a look at the following advantages that would ensure the money that you are going to spend is worth it. 

Self-healing properties 

PPF for cars is made with self-healing properties that can immediately heal any small scratch on the top layer. The minor scratches are fixed by using a detailer and putting the heat directly on the scratch. Sometimes, a heat gun blower is also used to fix the scratch. Also, there are some high-quality PPF that use nano-technology to heal themselves instantly. So, if you have a good budget then you should get this high-quality PPF for your car. 

Provides high-resistance 

As the high-quality PPF for a car uses nano-technology, it provides high-temperature resistance. It also blocks the UV rays and IR radiations from penetrating the surface layer of the vehicle. This is an outstanding feature that keeps the headlight from fogging and keeps your road visibility clear. 

Provides a fine finishing 

There are different PPF for cars available in the market and you can choose the type of finishing that you want for your car. Some of the protective films will give your car paint a glossy finish while some will give a shiny look. If you prefer a matte finishing, that option is also available. So, you can take advantage of the wide range of selections and give your car the finest finishing. 

Reduced glue marks 

Some paint protection films leave glue marks on the car exterior paint after installation. As we use only high-quality PPF for cars, our protective films would give your car a neat and clean finish without any kind of glue marks on the exterior paint. 

The best protection against pollution, chemicals and corrosion 

Our paint protection film for cars comes with multiple layers and each of the layers is blockades for chemicals and pollutants that might cause harm to the car exterior paint. Our PPF also works as a shield against stains and damages caused by stone chips. 

Cons of using PPF for cars 

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Even though paint protective films are able to provide a wide range of advantages, there are some disadvantages as well that you should take under consideration. Here are some cons of using PPF for cars— 

Upfront cost 

When you are going to install the paint protection film on your car paint for the first time, it is going to cost you around a few hundred bucks or more, which might seem like a disadvantage in the short term. However, you might minimize the overall cost by only protecting the areas that are highly exposed to contaminants i.e. fenders, side mirrors, front fascia and lower body panels. 

The film might not be applied properly

PPF for a car is only going to protect your car paint when it is applied smoothly all over the surface area without any wrinkles, bubbles or ripples. When you are not using a professional installer there might be a chance that the PPF is not applied properly. So, it is always recommended that you take professional help to avoid such events. 

Needs to be repaired from time to time 

Paint protection film can keep your paint as new for a long time but it is not a permanent solution. The PPF needs to be repaired from time to time. Usually, the companies feature warranties ranging from 2 years to 5 years/10 years. After this time, the integrity of the film can not be guaranteed. 

Cheaper films turn yellow over time 

This is a common flaw of cheap paint protective films. As time goes on, the film turns yellow due to UV radiation exposure. However, the newer films that use nano-technology no longer have this flaw. So, make sure you are using high-quality PPF for cars

When should you use PPF for a car?  

If you usually give your vehicle on lease or trade-in every few years, then it would be best if you are opting for partial PPF coverage. However, if you are planning to keep your car for a longer period, then you should go for full body PPF coverage. 

Visit our website today and get an estimate of PPF for cars. Fill in the details and instantly book our services.


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