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What Do Car Detailing Services Entail?

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Detailing a car can take anywhere from approximately 2 to 8 hours and will yield a large number of benefits. From a stain-free interior to a long-lasting feeling of superior “clean”, our professional detailing services can help you prolong the life of your classic or exotic vehicle. Depending on the actual needs of your car, our customized car detailing options provide a comprehensive approach.

We believe in using safe and chemical-free agents to help your car reclaim its former glory. Using a non-abrasive steam cleaning method, we can remove stubborn stains completely and provide appropriate solutions for high-end luxury vehicles. From restoring suppleness to aged leather to redressing hardwood dash inlays, we believe in first-class car cleaning at Detailing Pro Shop. Most importantly, our specially formulated detergents can also help protect your investment from elemental and environmental damage.

What Exactly Does A Car Detailing Service Do?

Car detailing services basically entail heavy-duty cleaning in regards to the interior and exterior of the vehicle. In short, these services are able to bring back a car to its former glory such as the day it was purchased from a dealership. However, car detailing services offer so much more than this and often entail a number of other steps such as:

*Interior detailing that handles different aspects of a car such as vacuuming the seats, the dashboards, and the carpeting. If the interior features leather, it is also buffed and conditioned to prolong its lifespan. All air vents are steam cleaned and door panels, windows, and mirrors are cleaned as well using specially formulated safe cleaning agents.

*Exterior detailing that uses special compounds to repair or diminish scratches on the surface of the vehicle’s body. Once scratches are removed, a high-grade polish is applied carefully to offer a shine to the body paint. After careful polishing, a protective wax layer is applied in order to protect the car against the elements and environmental contaminants. Lastly, some car owners opt to have a sealant applied as well as it can offer next-level protection for the paint job.

*Undercarriage detailing is another option offered as it can help protect the undercarriage of your vehicle against rust and corrosion. It requires the use of a pressure washer to remove gunk, dirt, and grime from the vehicle’s undercarriage. This is especially a great service to consider for those who use their vehicle in muddy or snowy conditions.

Is There Anything Car Detailing Doesn’t Do?

Though detailing a vehicle offers many advantages, it’s always important to have realistic expectations about the outcome of the process. For example, exterior detailing can help remove minor scratches on the surface of the paint. However, if there are deep gouges or scratches, a compound buffer will not have the necessary ability to remove them.

Another problem that vehicle detailing services often run into is handling smoke smells. Heavy smoke can linger in the air and permeate the interior of a car. Not all car detailing services are able to remove smoke smells as doing so requires specialty products. All air vents require thorough cleaning and many efforts only mask the smell, therefore, it’s crucial to select a company that offers this type of detailing exclusively.

Lastly, paint chips are not resolved by detailing services. As noted, you may notice a decrease in the amount of superficial scratches on your vehicle, but paint requires specialty filler to ensure it evens out the exterior surface.

Are Detailing Services Worth Investing In?

Proper detailing services can yield a wide range of benefits, but most importantly, they allow for your vehicle to look and feel great for a longer period of time. The interior and exterior of your vehicle often suffer a great deal of damage due to the harsh environments it’s driven through. Opting for professional detailing services at least twice a year can protect a vehicle and cut down on long-term maintenance costs.

For a mere few hundred dollars and several hours of professional care, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. Most detailing services offer a comprehensive approach and can address your needs that may include specialty focus on removing mold and water damage or even caked on mud.

Why Choose Detailing Pro Shop?

At Detailing Pro Group & Supply, we believe in providing a seamless customer service experience! With over 10 years of solid experience in the detailing industry, we can help you address any and all of your detailing needs. Our detailing experts are fully certified and trained to handle professional cleaning agents. We believe that all car owners have different needs, which is why we work with you to provide a wholly customized service.

As one of the top-rated and only car detailing services in the Toronto area that offer luxury options, we use specially formulated detergents that help protect and preserve a car’s interior. Even if you take fantastic care of your vehicle, we can help you take your level of care up a notch. Our helpful experts will care for your car with ease while giving you the opportunity to feel good about your investment.

Car detailing is worth it for many reasons, but they include at a glance:

*Removal of dust, debris, dirt, and gunk that gets attached to seats and carpeted flooring.

*Careful removal of odors, mold, and even smoke in some instances.

*Ability to prevent significant rust and corrosion from destroying the undercarriage of the vehicle.

*A nicer smooth and glassy finish on windows as well as the paint job of the car.

It is recommended to regularly have professional detailing services comprehensively look over your car. Before you check your car in for your appointment, make sure you remove all trash and personal effects from the vehicle. If possible, make it a point to do a quick vacuuming job to ensure that your car is free from large debris that may obstruct the process. Detailing services have to focus on the interior and exterior of the vehicle, so it is helpful when the trash is removed.

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What Do Car Detailing Services Entail?

Detailing a car can take anywhere from approximately 2 to 8 hours and will yield a large number of benefits. From a stain-free interior to a long-lasting feeling of superior “clean”, our professional detailing services can help you prolong the life of your classic or exotic vehicle. Depending on the actual needs of your car,

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