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Solar protection is important for your driving experience. Detailing Pro Group & Supply will make sure that you have style, comfort, and safety with their expert installation at a competitive price.

With our expert tinting services, we provide you with style and comfort. We can also improve your driving experience due to increased solar protection, all at a cost that won’t break the bank!

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Automotive Window Tinting

The tinting of car windows blocks out 99 percent of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. What this means that, while driving down the road, you are less likely to be sunburnt. It will also prevent the fading or blistering of your interior. The interior will not be as hot either if your car has been parked outside all day, and that’s because the tint will help to keep it cooler.

Car tint provides a range of advantages. We are professional window tinters at Detailing Pro Group & Supplies with years of experience and have an array of shades to choose from for you. This allows us to add an aesthetic value to your car’s exterior to look more elegant than the usual car model.


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Tint Removal $80/Hour

Our Window Tinting Services


With our DYE tint, you’re free to dream of a look that turns your car from average to sparking envy. Our dyed window tint is impressive in style. Even, it’s a smart transaction that’s worth your car investment. Each shade can transform heads, resist scratches, reduce irritating glare, and block 99 percent of UV rays. Our dyed window tint is a combination of polyethylene, UV blockers and luxury paint, which is extruded onto a micro-thin layer and then covered with a second UV blocker and adhesive. Other tint films have only been added to the surface, making them less stable and prone to discolor.
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Our revolutionary ceramic window tint is available in a wide variety of stylish shades, so you can produce the look you want. Each trendy shade is combined with nanoceramic innovation. This breakthrough makes it possible to provide excellent heat resistance, glare control and UV protection that is fully metal-free so that the signals from your electronic devices won’t get interfered with. If you’re ambitious and want your car to be noticed, you’ve found a match in a ceramic auto tint.
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The Process Window Tinting

We keep the procedure easy at AutoDetailing Pro. When you book an appointment, we’ll go over the choices available to help you decide which film to use on your car. Simply bring over your vehicle, and our professional team will do the rest in applying the film.

What Window Tinting Can Do for You

It’s astounding how much a micro-thin layer of film can improve your life driving.

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Excellent Heat

The colour of the dyed window tint acts as a shield against the heat of the sun. The darker the shadow, the more cooling power you have.
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Help Reduce

Sun protection is ideal for indoor surfaces such as your dashboard, upholstery and floor mats. Maintain everything looking better, longer.
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Protect Your

If you’re going to leave valuables on your vehicles such as tablets, laptops, or any expensive devices. Darkening your window tint adds a layer of privacy for your car.
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Make Your
Vehicle More Stylish

Impactful or discreet, window tint is a simple, satisfying way to take any vehicle uniquely yours.
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Enjoy the sun with no adverse effects, thanks to the defence that’s strong enough to block 99 percent of UV rays.

Types Of Tinting

Our headlight and tail light tint film protectors are made of optically transparent, highly durable polyurethane film and are installed with a specially qualified installer.

When applied, the professional grade headlight and tail light tint film guarantees longevity for a long period of time and provides protection against road debris such as rocks and dust, as well as adverse weather conditions. The film can be applied to most shapes and sizes of headlights or tail lights in one piece, eliminating the need for inlays.

We can sell various colors and even colored film, the tint is a very low cost extra to your car for a stylish look. We can also provide specific options for easy, subtle security of the PPF.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best window tinting service in Toronto and the GTA. As a result, we have developed a reputation for delivering quality window tints at reasonable rates. All of our window tints are qualified to the highest quality, so you can be confident that your car or property window film would have an impeccable finish. In addition, we use the finest window films available on the market and since we are so sure about the consistency of our window films, we also offer a lifetime warranty on all our window film items.

At a time and a date, we will come to you to suit your lifestyle. We provide budget-friendly window tinting services for your car or house, anywhere you are in Toronto or GTA.

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